67 High St, Chislehurst
Bromley BR7 5AG

+44 20 3305 6587

& Coffee


Passion fruit Cream Brule



With chocolate sauce


Sticky Date & Toffee Pudding

With Vanilla ice cream



Savoiardi biscuits soaked in liqueur coffee with Layers of mascarpone cheese and cocoa powder


Warm chocolate Brownie

With Vanilla ice cream


Selection of ice cream

Mumblecore iPhone organic wolf.


Selection of sorbet

Mumblecore iPhone organic wolf.


Italian cheese board


Dessert Wine

Noble Wrinkled Riesling

100ml @ £5.95

Btl (37.5cl) @ £18.95

Grappa 50ml

House Grappa


Ports 100ml

House ruby port @ £4.95

LVP @ £5.95

Brandy 25ml

House Brandy @ £3.25

Courvoisier @ £3.50

Whisky 25ml

Glenfiddich @ £3.95

Talisker @ £3.95

Liquor 25ml

Sambuca 35m @ £4.00

Tia Maria @ £3.00

Baileys @ £3.00

Limoncello @ £3.95

Drambuie @ £3.00

Cointreau@ £3.00

Amaretto @ £3.00

Liquor coffees

Irish coffee


Tia Maria coffee


Russian coffee


French coffee


Amaretto coffee


Baileys coffee


Coffee & Tea



Caffe latte






Double espresso


English Tea


Peppermint Tea


Camomile Tea


Green Tea


Dear Custmer,

It is with great regret that we will be closed during the covid-19 outbreak.

We thank all of our customers who have supported us since we opened and helped us become your number one independent local Italian restaurant within Chislehurst Village.

During this difficult time we hope you will take care of your loved ones and each other, our customers mean the world to us and many have shared with us over the last few days, stories of their birthday parties, events and good times that they have encountered dining at the thyme, and how much the thyme restaurant means to them.

After all the epidemic of covid-19 is over we will return to our normal busy lives and once again we will be pleased to open the restaurant to carry on trading and giving back to our community we have grown to love and cherish so much!

A massive thank you to you all and the Chislehurst community.

The Thyme Management.